Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I'm not much of an avid photographer, but there are times when something really catches my fancy on the road or around me.....Here's what I have had to say at some such times:

This pretty little thing, reminded me of something right out of jurassic park..... Those interested can stop at the Dhaba express on the way to Mahabalipuram to see these EMU's.

Check out this little piece of diwali revelry...Note that how close the damn bike is to the fireworks....The narrowness of the street and my proximity to a supposed disaster waiting to happen made me think,"hell if these are to be my last few moments on Earth, might as well take a picture along".

Ah....the great Chennai traffic block. This little incident occurred one fine day on the way to office. The signals at a main junction conk off (pretty normal) and the traffic police were caught napping (also pretty normal). There's bedlam as cars come and go as they please. A scene right out of the stone age.

Look MA, only one hand!!!!!! Something more reminiscent to Mumbaikers, but there are times when the normally strained train service in Chennai becomes just that little bit more strained. It was my lucky day I guess, as I got to experience first hand how much fun it is to travel with one hand on a fast moving train. Don't worry ,don't intend to do it again....atleast not in the near future..

Evidently this little critter prefers high rise buildings to trees. Presenting the new generation of squirrels who are adept at making themselves feel very much at home just outside the cafeteria window on the seventh floor of our office. Well I supppose they do look well fed...

No sir, hollywood didn't just roll into town. This is not one of those famed UNISOL busses with Jean claude Van Damme used to ride in. This is the new and improved blood donation vehicle of the Lions club of India!!! Pretty cool huh.

Just some coffee at Brio.. This joint is right next to a book, feel sleepy, help yourself to some coffee and then go back to reading and if you feel like it, buy a book or two in the process.....